Finding passion early

It was love at first sight  !

No, it was not the lady –that came later. I was 12 years old and went to see an uncle from USA who was staying in Taj Coromandel – a luxury hotel in Chennai. I fell in love with the lobby of the hotel with crystal chandeliers like stars on a clear night and marble floors polished to a glisten that you could even see your face and then  a handsome and smiling liveried doorman. I fell in love with the sight of pretty ladies wearing a smile along  with  low-hip Kanchivaram saris, chattering as though they had no worries in the world and the gentlemen in smart dark suits strutting very businesslike not aware of the great ambiance surrounding them but are out to accomplish something big. I could feel the luxury and the glamour shaking hands everywhere. The extraordinarily presented food was served in exquisite crockery and eaten with stylish cutlery and the imaginary crumbs dusted off the lips with the finest feel linen napkins. The crystal glasses were filled with blood colored wine and light from the chandeliers caught the glint in the crystal cuts of the glasses when lifted for a sip. The light banter, the clicking of glasses and occasional sighs of satiety all enveloped by soothing live music from a grand piano created an urge in me to become part of this one day.

That’s how a dream started and became a purpose and a passion –to make everyone happy in the world. Then, I entered the world of hospitality !

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