Define your purpose

What makes your heart sing ?

“Why am I here?” That’s a question that  has, no doubt, rolled off the lips of many since cave men moved from grunting to speaking. Surely, like passions, this has an answer beyond the obvious. That’s a question that you may grapple with and refine over a lifetime. And it is yours alone to discover and define.

Steve Jobs always said “People with passion can change the world for better”. And people with passion are people with a purpose. 

My story started with a passion. You cannot inspire unless you have inspired yourself. 

Passion is often a puzzle 😗 

Most people know it when they see it but they have  hard time discovering it themselves. Often you get this answer when you ask yourself the question like Steve Jobs asked himself “what makes your heart sing ?” My heart sang and played even played an orchestra when I saw the luxury hotel as a kid and instinctively knew that passion found me and I found my purpose ; to make people happy 😀

Have you found your hearts ‘song ? 

One thought on “Define your purpose”

  1. Indeed an intense but most fundamentally realistic approach. Attaching the very fact that getting discovered within yourself first before discovering anything or anyone else is the only way to find the lyrics and tunes to one’s song of their hearts.
    Yes…indeed I have found my song and I am making my way deep into the richer meanings of the lyrics it holds…
    Kudos on your thoughts…Mr. Cotah
    BTW Sir…I am also a very firm believer of the concept called GuestsareGods


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