Motivation Mystery of Hotel Employees


I always wondered why some of the hotels have employees who go the’ extra mile’ without hesitation while some hotels have employees who are indifferent. I studied a lot of hotels including our portfolio of 13 operating GRT Hotels. I realized every time -the difference is the leadership in the Hotel -the General Manager. The personality of the hotel is the extension of the personality of the General Manager. The hotel’s culture always reflects the values and beliefs that the General Manager brings to work every day and uses these in his decision making on a daily basis.

Creating an inspired workplace in an a hospitality organisation is a challenging situation owning to the highly demanding guests and the volatile round the clock expectations of a busy hotel or a resort.  Its up to the hotel ‘s leadership to put in systems to keep the environment buzzing with positivism. Easier said than done! So how do we do this most of the time?

  1. Learning and development

By up-skilling your employees you’re showing them both that they matter to the business, and also that there is room for progression within their role. What’s more motivating than being encouraged and supported to become a better version of you? Every hotel has to cultivate a learning culture. Training cells in hotels play a big role in customer satisfaction scores

  1. Clear Career Path

It’s not enough just to send employees off on training courses. What’s even more motivating for most employees is being shown that there are more rungs on the career ladder that they can climb to within the hotel they are working in. Every employee needs to have a customized career plan and periodical reviews

  1. Recognition

Recognition comes in many ways, and it’s largely up to the hotel managers how well you execute it. Some employees would be greatly stirred by a formal recognition in front of other colleagues, such as a certificate or a team lunch, while others would prefer some extra praise and insight from the General Manager. What’s certain is that we all get a kick out of being acknowledged for a job well done. At GRT Hotels we have a formal program called the “Employee of the Moment “ program which I will explain in detail in another blog.

  1. Responsibility

It’s important that your employees know where they stand within the hotel and feel like a vital cog – you can help improve their sense of this by giving them more meaningful tasks and responsibilities. The more impact an employee has in your hotel, the more likely they are to feel connected to the company, and to aggregate the company’s success with their own.

  1. Work Environment

Work-life balance is important, and can be greatly helped by being granted extra autonomy or flexibility, but it’s not just by increasing the life side of the balance that you improve the well-being. There are many ways you can help improve employees work environment which will greatly benefit their work-life balance, and thus their overall satisfaction, productivity and motivation. Fun at work should be the mantra today. The millennials workforce have very short attention span and unless you make the hotel a fun place to work the retention of these employees is going to be challenge. Having  a counselling mentor  in-house is a great way to keep employees on a positive keel.


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