Stories from GRT Hotels



Incident: Reaching the  Srilankan Airline Pilots and Crews at the airport  on time overcoming road blocks and agitations by Jallikkatu supporting groups


On 20th January 2017, there was an agitation and road blocks by local people supporting Jallikattu which had reached a peak and no vehicles including two wheelers were allowed to run on the roads in Madurai. Srilankan airline pilots and crews were staying with us and since all the international flights were operating, they must board their flight before take off and without fail. They got struck in the hotel and were getting frantic calls from airport and their head office in Srilanka. They requested us to drop them at  Airport at any cost without causing any damages to them !! Finally, our chauffer Thirupathi had come up with an idea of taking them along a different village route which connected to  NH47 national highway which has a short cut  to the rear end of airport. Both the drivers assured that they can handle the local villagers as they know them personally. Two captains and five female crew were taken in two cars and they managed to reach the rear end of the airport. Meanwhile, Srilankan staff at the airport were briefed on this plan and they were asked to come to the spot. Both the drivers and Srilankan airline staff escorted all the pilots and crew to the airport rear end compound and managed to get inside the airport. The Pilots and crew  were pleased with driver’s ‘out of box’ thinking and their assistance in reaching them to the airport safely.

One of the pilot video recorded the whole incident and uploaded it in the Youtube.

This is one of the stories of going the Extra Mile and living our service Philosophy of “I say Yes”




3 thoughts on “Stories from GRT Hotels”

  1. I recall a similar incident at the Radisson. This was more than 10 yrs ago though. It was heavy traffic or rain, can’t recollect but a road block nevertheless. The airport representative and travel desk in charge came up with a brilliant plan of getting the crew to the airport through Metro. It worked. Glad to have been a part of this team. Though it was more than a decade ago, the memories will certainly last a lifetime.


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