Hotel Stories from GRT Hotels


‘Yes I Can’ service philosphy demonstrated by a the team at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

On 2nd February 2017, Mr. & Mrs. Richard had stayed in room #234 in Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai.

They left the hotel early in the morning in a private Taxi and returned back only at 1 am after visiting Marina beach, Mahabalipuram and other places of tourist interest. On reaching the room the guests realized that they had forgotten their mobile phone in the taxi and the taxi had already left and there was no way they could contact the driver. They could only tell the color of the car and the model . It was a white color Suzuki Desire car. Mrs Richard was very sad and  lost hope of retrieving the mobile which had all the photos of their trip and also some vital information and contacts. They contacted the front desk at the hotel and expressed their disappointment.

The Duty Assistant Security officer Krishna Singh ,took it on himself to get back the mobile at any cost so that the guests take back good memories of our country and the hotel .

His investigations led him to believe that the car would have refueld in the Petrol stations in the vicinity of Mahabs. He contacted a BPCL Admin Executive he knew and scanned the cameras in the petrol stations in and around the Mahabalipuram. At the end of the day , he tracked down the same car  entering in a camera footage in a BPCL station. With this information he contacted the police station and took their help to track the vehicle and the driver . Finally , the police were able to retrieve the mobile phone from the taxi driver and returned it to the guest.

Mr and Mrs Richard were truly grateful and were amazed for the efforts taken by Krishna Singh and the hotel team. They conveyed that they have never had such a unique service experience ever in their many travels around the world. They wanted to bring their entire family and children the next year and made advance reservations in the hotel.

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