Kenya Diary

Day by day Kenya safari travelogue

Day 0 


It started as a dream whenever I read Wilbur Smith and his vivid descriptions of Africa and the mystery of the rugged land. 

So it became an agenda in the #vikisbucketlist. 

Africa  is not an ordinary place to go. One has to deal with AIDS , yellow fever (whatever that is and why is it coloured ?) , polio drops ( yet again after childhood) and Zika virus and stories of Africans cutting off hands if you wear a good watch to “mind the currency exchange you will get blank paper in between” warnings. Braving all these it is the motivation to see the WILD which drove me to travel to Kenya. 

So one month back I had to go to Guindy with the help of google maps to find the center for infectious diesease and get the yellow fever poke and the oral polio drops. 

Then the advise on not wearing black or blue clothes in Masai Mara as the tse tse fly likes this color and will suck you blood out !! So I had to have a khakis and olive greens wardrobe makeover. Finally I made my checklists which did not look so much as my other travels. 

I think this well researched list will be a ready rekoner for people who want to go on a safari in Masai. 

– [x] Binocs 

– [x] Flash light 

– [x] Camera 

– [x] Batteries 

– [x] Camera chargers 

– [x] iPhone chargers

– [x] Battery pack 

– [x] Extra memory cards 

– [x] USB to Apple Mac air

– [x] Mac air 

– [x] iPhone

– [x] Cap 

– [x] Flip flops 

– [ ] Vibrams

– [ ] Trainers 

– [x] Earplugs 

– [x] Ziplock bags 

– [x] Earphones 2 pairs 

– [x] Sunglasses 2 pairs 

– [x] Reading glasses 

– [x] Multi pin plugs 

– [x] Swiss knife 

– [x] Selfie stick


Malaria tablets 

– [ ] Cortisone creams and antiseptic cream 

– [ ] Nasal spray 

– [x] Mosquito repellents spray n cream 

– [ ] Bug spray 

– [x] All out 

– [x] Sun block cream 70 spf 

– [ ] Band aids 

– [x] Dolo 650 

– [x] Zintac

– [x] Allergy tablets 

– [ ] Basic antibiotics 

– [x] Hand sanitiser

– [x] Body and hair gel 

– [x] Wet wipes

– [x] Lip balm 


No black or blue 

– [x] 3 pants cargos /khaki cotton /green cargo 

– [x] One jeans for travel

– [x] 6 shirts : khaki n green n brown 

– [x] 4 t shirts 

– [x] Underwear for 10 days 

– [x] jacket 

– [x] Sweater 

– [x] Cap 

– [x] Socks 

– [x] Shoes 


– [x] Passport

– [x] Yellow fever certificate 

– [x] Insurance 

– [x] Passport photos 

– [x] Copy of passport 

– [ ] Notes books for village children 

So I am all set to fly to Mumbai

I feel sad I have to leave my darling behindđŸ˜ª for the next couple of weeks !! @kippu All set to GO !  

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